Fools Helper Released!

“Love isn’t easy. For hopeless romantic Brian and struggling writer Lee, the pursuit of love has been difficult. That is, until they meet the heroine! Can she help fill their lives with romance? Maybe even find some herself?

Everyone’s a fool in love, but the heroine is here to help!”

Fool’s Helper is a slice-of-life romantic comedy that consists of a prologue that splits into two routes, each with two endings, a friendship ending and a romance ending. The player chooses which route they would like to play immediately after the prologue. Endings are determined by simple choices during the routes, such as how the heroine reacts to a situation.


Writers: Ran, Jen

Editor: Miiko

Art: Jen

Programming: Marionette

Beta Testers: Kei, Sam PV

Music: Lee Rosevere, Steve Combs

Sound Effects: Sound Explorer (original was edited), Sound Jay

All audio used are licensed under a Attribution License

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